Why we do what we do.

Welcome to our first blog post. Now-what should we write about for our first post?  Pondered that question for some time. I decided I should answer the questions that I get asked all the time now that I have branched out on my own. 

What are you doing now?
Tell me what it is your business does?

But, that is what my website is for, right? To tell you a little about us and the services that we offer. So… how about I let you know why I do this…why did I decide to start this company.

I have a passion for the hospitality industry and love everything about weddings and the planning of events. But, what I realized over the past few years was that what I really love, and am good at, is helping businesses grow. I have been fortunate to work with so many amazing & talented people in this industry. I admire their work, admire their dedication and have formed some really wonderful relationships. I care about where this industry is headed. I care about the New England market and all that it has to offer. I want to help move brands forward by helping them create incredible experiences for their clients. How I could do this best was by taking on some of the tasks that have become too overwhelming for them to manage.

Something I heard over and over again when talking with wedding & event professionals was that they did not have the time nor the staff to dedicate to all that needed to be done now to promote & market their business correctly. And, when they did hire someone, such as an intern, the time it took to explain their vision, their market and their valued partners, it just became overwhelming again. Because of my experience working within the industry, I act as a partner. I understand the market here in New England and what the ultimate goals are. I take on everything from the day-to-day tasks of marketing and social media management to helping business owners create short & long term goals and craft plans to help achieve those goals. I help businesses create a brand, tweak their brand and ensure they are staying true to that brands message & personality. Our focus is on promoting your company and the partnerships you have within the industry. 

The ultimate goal is to promote the New England wedding & event market and assist businesses in creating amazing experiences for their clients. And, we do this by helping creatives get back to doing what they do best-be more creative.